BASGEN offers advice for obtaining credit financing through:

  1. the corporate departments of the main European banks,
  2. Specialized Direct Lending funds to middle market companies in Spain and France, typically preferred or subordinated debt

to undertake debt restructures, finance growth, make purchases or acquisitions of majority interests and clean up balance sheets.

We also have proven experience in complex banking syndication operations and in structuring debt in project financing, particularly in the renewable energy sector.

In addition to capital, we provide the creativity and technical knowledge necessary to successfully complete highly complex operations. The professionals that make up BASGEN have a great experience and a proven track record in closing operations in tight terms, being able to respond to situations in which the time variable is essential.

Transactions structure

  1. Loans with asset colateral, including mortgage loans and renewable credit lines.
  2. First or second lien loans.
  3. Single tranche loans (Unitranche).
  4. Mezzanine loans.
  5. Bridge loans.
  6. Preferred shares.

Types of transactions:

  • Refinancing of existing credit lines.
  • Financing of acquisitions.
  • Working capital to support growth or restructuring.
  • Leveraged acquisitions of majority shares.
  • Acquisitions by lenders or existing shareholders.
  • Upcoming maturities / reduction of covenants.
  • “Project Finance”.

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