We work side by side with businessmen and management teams to maximize the value of companies in capital increase and M&A transactions.


We work in equity raises, in majority or minority stakes, with or without covenants, that allow companies to support their domestic and international expansion plans, both organic and by external acquisionl, thus contributing to value creation.

The funds we work with provide management experience, strategic know how and a network of contacts in the industry that allow our clients to become leaders in their respective markets, thanks to their teams who have in depth knowledge in operational management, consulting, technology and financial management.

In M&A we place special emphasis on a deep prior knowledge of the business as an indispensable requirement to close a successful transaction and maximize company value. That is why the transaction process does not begin until a thorough analysis has been carried out together with our clientsp management teams, where priority is givent to a correct assessment of the business and its future potential.orizando una correcta valoración del negocio y de su potencial futuro.

Once the capital process is underway, a negotiation based on objective criteria where continuous advice is given to both the selling side (sell side) and the buyer (buy side) becomes essential.

Although only a single investor is required to close a transaction, it is always necessary to have several candidates. That goal is only possible with the services of a specialized consultant, with a deep knowledge of the market that maximizes the chances of success for our client and that has an extensive network of investors.

BASGEN has this network, thanks to the credibility gained in recent years and our previous individual experience, being able to immediately identify the right candidates.

Main categories of investments in Private Equity


Management buy-outs led by the company management or recapitalizations of profitable companies and a solid market position.


Investments in special situations in companies with operational or financial cash-flow stress.


Capital investment development or growth in companies with great potential.


Investments in the equity tranche of project financing structures in the renewable energy sector.

Advantages of working with BASGEN

  1. Flexibility, financing at all levels of the capital structure.
  2. Fast closing transactions. Ability to deal with complex situations in tight deadlines and close operations quickly.
  3. Extensive experience in different sectors and financing structures.

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