The financial instruments used in our financial structures are the following, according to their cost and degree of subordination in the liabilities of the companies:


In general, our clients are usually mid-market companies, with a turnover starting at EUR 15 million, or companies in an early stages of commercial development that have contracts that vouch for a future growth in sales and that they need to finance this growth.
In particular, we are very active in the implementation of renewable and concession-type projects (greenfield) for engineering companies with significant international presence. We prefer companies with EBITDA margins from 7-8% of turnover and, more specifically, a gross operating result from EUR 1.5 – 2M.   We highly value a high growth potential, a clear international vocation, brand recognition and competitive advantages and / or positioning in niche markets. The professional and human quality of the management teams is a crucial element, it is not possible to establish a close professional collaboration if these requirements are not met.   The minimum transaction ticket is from EUR 4-5M. We work with lower tickets in the information and communication technology sector.

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